Driver Education Classroom and 
       In-Car Endorsements
         Course Information, Cost & Schedules
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Benefits of becoming a Texas, State Approved, Driver Education Instructor:

* Learn and improve your own knowledge and skills as a driver,

* Excellent supplement to your current income,

* Allows you to seek employment at any commercial driving school across Texas,

* Work with young student's to affect their attitude and mold responsible drivers,

* Flexible work hours and days.

Prerequisites to becoming an Instructor include:

* Possess a high school diploma or GED,

* Be 21 years of age,

* No felony convictions or DWIs,

* Less than 6 penalty points on your Texas motor vehicle record.


Applicant completing DE 1 & 2 will receive a Teacher Assistant (TA) endorsement which allows him/her to provide in-car instruction to teens and adults.

Driver Education 1
Days 1 & 2

21 hours group training
16 hours observation of a regularly scheduled driver education class
8 hours self study

Driver Education 2
Day 3

10 hours group training
10 hours B-T-W observation
16 hours B-T-W practice teaching
3 hours self study
4 hours B-T-W role playing
2 hours B-T-W skills assessment

UPGRADE (DET) or (TA-F) Classroom Endorsement (45 clock hours)
Pre-requisite for this training is after successful completion of DE 1 & DE 2 as an upgrade to your existing license

Driver Education 3
Day 4

10 hours group training
14 hours observation of a regular driver education classroom
18 hours practice teaching driver education classroom
3 hours self study

Teaching Assistant In-Car Endorsement (90 clock hours)