About Us

Here at West Texas we are the only driving school that has a licensed Supervisory Teacher with a Master degree on the East side, where education, knowledge, experience make a difference in how your teen is being taught. Our teachers are TDLR certified and licensed, educating your teen to be the safest driver on the road and in a car.

Rick and Victoria Barroso have many years of experience in business and customer service. Rick has over 24 years of customer service and sales experience and is known for gaining parent's confidence as he has strong beliefs in family. Victoria has many years of experience in business management and is a certified driver education instructor licensed with a Supervisory License through Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Together they have inspirations to helping the community while creating safer roads for all new drivers and current roadway users.

West Texas Driving Academy is a locally owned business, 3 schools strong and growing. We have 3 convenient locations to choose from that are nearby local high schools in which we have built solid relations to continue awareness with teens and their parents. Our Supervisory Teacher is a sponsor and campaigns Teen in the Driver Seat program in local junior high and high schools, spreading the word wide and far of the importance of spreading the word among their peers about deadly driving risks and encourage them to make smart choices while behind the wheel and as passengers." Victoria Barroso is also a Driver Training and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee Board Member, newly elected official on February 2018, and will serve the West Texas Region's Traditional Driver Education Program.

While other driving schools claim all schools teach the same curriculum, the difference is how West Texas teaches the curriculum, our school comes with a personal touch and a lasting relationship that have made our teen's parents comfortable and where they trust WTDA. We work with the community to help adults and teenagers receive their driver's license while helping them apply the much needed skills while on the road. Our mission is to make safe drivers and teach the values of defensive driving.

We offer many things that our competitors do not

We offer great customer service, we strive to quickly answer any questions you may have and ensure that you're satisfied

We make ourselves available to you as much as we can, answering your calls 7am - 10pm Monday through Sunday

We start classes when scheduled unlike other schools who may cancel when the minimum number of students do not enroll

Our certified instructors are always on time, this is a common complaint we hear about our competitors

We are the only school in far East El Passo that administrates DPS Driving Tests.