>>>Make sure that you have everything you need to obtain your DRIVERS LICENSE<<<

Once the applicant has:

-Held a valid learner license or hardship license for a minimum of six months (check date on back of permit),

-Reached the age of 16,

-Completed both the classroom AND behind-the-wheel portions of driver education

-Completed Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) course (certificate valid for 90 days)

-Completed 30 HOUR LOG with licensed driver 21yr. old w/ valid license held 1 yr.+

Applicants are then eligible to schedule and test for their Road Test:

1. Must have completed above guidelines

2. Must prepay for test to schedule appointment

3. A parent or legal guardian must be present (If providing personal vehicle)*

4. A completed Verification of Enrollment and Attendance- VOE (form valid 30 days), a high school diploma or GED

5. Completed and signed 30 HOUR LOG

6. Signed, original form to verify completion of driver education (DE-964) green certificate obtained from West Texas Driving Academy

7. Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) certificate of completion (certificate valid for 90 days) must be signed by student AND Parent

8. Insurance on vehicle (optional; see item #3)

What to take to DPS to obtain your Driver's License

- Sealed packet given to you from West Texas Driving Academy

- Permit

- Social Security Card

- Parent (students under 18 years old)

- Licensing fee paid to DPS

- Application for Driver’s License (also available at DPS office)

*If providing personal vehicle make sure that it meets ALL of these requirements:

- Current registration sticker

- Two license plates (front and back properly attached)

- No unusual mechanical issues (such as doors that do not open from inside or outside the vehicle---this will result in failure of the vehicle inspection); AND

- All of the vehicle safety requirements described in Driving Test Requirements